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Drop me a message to get contacted when the next course starts. Mark it Vibration Activation, and i will email you an offer when we have an open space  first possible course.

Shine bright strong and feminine souls!

The world needs more feminine leadership.

Best regards

Marit D. Saanvi Sommervold

"I help female solopreneurs create a more feminine self-leadership system, for a sustainable work-life balance, so you can thrive both in your private life and business,-  clearing out the risk of burnout. Having 10 years of experience as a female solopreneur, and the experience of healing a heavy burn out after my biz got locked down during covid, and being a single mum with health challenges within the family , I learned the hard way to put my health first. Now I have created a system, that I share with you in my new online course, to keep a healthy body and spirit, so you dont have to make the same mistakes as I did!"

Marit D. Saanvi Sommervold

Vibration Activation for Female Solopreneurs

Join our online program for activating a mindset and lifestyle for high performance, vibration and feminine drive, with yoga, affirmations, meditations and reprogramming limitting beliefs, so you can thrive in business and private life, avoiding the risk of burn out.

A structure for clarity!

Having clear intentions are the sails on your sailboat. Without them, you are lost at sea. Learn great intention techniques to set the right intentions for you, and stick to them.

What are your real values?

My deepest values in my work life are joy, freedom, peace, belonging and care for others. I had no idea before I went through some deep coaching work that gave me theese guides so I know what ingredients I need in a work plot to thrive! You can find yours with a 1-1 breakthrough session with me online.


As a solopreneur, YOU are your most valuable asset. How do you make sure you performe focused, in high vibration leading from a place of love and not stress and fear?

Yogapractice, affirmations. meditations and destressing practices wil keep you connected to your highest self, so you can keep providing the best offerings and thrive both privatly and in your work.

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